Man of the year…

Some examples of Time Magazine’s “man of the year”:

1938 Adolph Hitler

1942 Joseph Stalin

2007 Vladimir Putin

I don’t intend to classify Putin, Stalin & Hitler all in the same bin. But simply to point out that the Time editorial board has a VERY different concept of “person of the year” than ordinary people.

I suspect that Gen. David Petraeus has as much respect for Time as I do, so his dis-selection troubles him not at all.

…David Petraeus, No. 4 on Time’s list, has made a much greater—a huger—difference. But Time doesn’t want to acknowledge that, because to do so would be to admit that George W. Bush is not an ignorant tyrant and that the United States is not on the losing side of history. Better to elevate Vladimir Putin to a significance he does not deserve. Shame.

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