Charter Cities: Paul Romer interviewed by Rolph Dobelli on Zurich Minds

Last night we watched the remarkable interview of Paul Romer on Zurich Minds. The interview was conducted by founder/chairman of Zurich Minds, Rolf Dobelli. Rolf was thoroughly prepared and is one of the best interviewers we’ve observed. Rolf asks very short questions in an appropriate explanatory sequence, then he doesn’t interrupt while he allows the interviewee to answer completely.

Just splendid. Paul Romer also did a more recent December 2011 Zurich Minds formal presentation on Charter Cities – in the style of a TED Talk. And FYI, Paul has at least three TED Talks on record, including the most recent Paul Romer: The world’s first charter city? which offers some particulars on Honduras.

What do you think? (first time comments are moderated)

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