Tim Draper on “competitive governance”: Dr. Seuss and the Bee Watcher-Watchers

This morning I listened to Tim Draper at Stanford Entrepreneurial Leaders. Good talk, especially on DFJ experience with international investments. Near the end, after discussing challenges in Russia and Ukraine, he talks about “competitive governance”. And sadly the US is not competing – to be a desirable place to launch new ventures or businesses. He used the Dr. Seuss “The Bee Watcher” analogy. Draper said at 27 minutes, loosely paraphrasing:

We used to be clearly #1 country to do business in and now #4 and it seems to be dropping. This is one of the reasons (shows Dr. Seuss). The bee works really hard, and the bee-watcher wants to find out how that bee has been so productive, so he sits and watches the bee. But they don’t believe the bee-watcher, so they bring in the bee-watcher-watcher to watch the bee-watcher.  Now, we are the bees. The US used to have about 8% of the economy involved in watching the bee watchers – or 1 bee watcher-watcher for every 12 bees. Now we are at 45% (overhead), about one bee watcher-watcher per bee, and this seems to be a systemic bad trend. See what you can do about that guys…

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