Solve for X: Danielle Fong on economical energy storage

Lightsail Energy: Economically competitive storage — hmm…? We watched Danielle’s presentation last night. Aside from the SMR companies, this is one of the “green energy” startups that looks interesting. The investors are certainly sophisticated in this space: Khosla, Gates, Thiel+Founders Fund, TOTAL, et al.

We will be poking around to see if there is any supporting evidence exposed to the public. Danielle talked about thermal efficiency but not a word about economics. She says they have a “utility scale” pilot running that is accumulating data. What we care about is the market price of a MWhr of energy delivered into the grid. You can figure the input costs at nearly zero as there is throwaway excess intermittent, esp. wind at night.

What do you think? (first time comments are moderated)

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