The Pentagon's New Map

The Pentagon’s New Map This could be one of the most important books of the decade. In spite of the unfortunate title, which suggests it is a book for military buffs. Which it is not. The book is an attempt to abstract general geopolitical principles about today’s world, then to develop a detailed policy prescription. From the Amazon description: This bold and important book strives to be a practical “strategy for a Second American Century.” In this brilliantly argued work, Thomas Barnett calls globalization “this country’s gift to history” and explains why its wide dissemination is critical to the security of not only America but the entire world.

If you are reading terms such as the Core, the Gap, short for Functioning Core and Non-Integrating Gap, be aware that Barnett’s work is the source.

There is a really excellent review of “The Pentagon’s New Map” by Lexington Green of Chicago Boyz. (as you will see further below, Chicago Boyz is one of my most favorite sources of insights. There are two parts, but author Barnett has posted both sections together on his blog.

How many authors do you know who have the dedication to maintain a blog related to their books, and to keep up a dialog with their readers and critics? Thomas Barnett is about the only one I know of, and his blog is a remarkable source of information