A Parliament at War

Tigerhawk wrote an outstanding March 16 post, putting in perspective the struggle the Iraqis are having as the negotiate to form a government. It is short – read the whole thing:

On the eve of victory, the Continental Congress had to flee the seat of its government for a farming village two days distant because American troops were in mutiny. This indignity came after Yorktown, and probably after peace terms had actually been agreed to in Europe. This would not be the last armed uprising against the new government of the United States.

Building a democracy from tyranny — even a tyranny as fundamentally benign as that of George III — is hard work. If you are a Western supporter of Arab democracy, be reassured that the Iraqis are moving with astonishing speed by historical standards. If you (are) Iraqi, you should know that the first parliamentarians of the oldest democracies on Earth met and legislated at risk for their own lives.