US Senate Hearing On Inadequate Border Security

Randall Parker of ParaPundit has just published his very extensive homework on the current state of US Border Security. Randall has really put some effort into this – the post is a goldmine of links to key references:

One theme of the hearing was that the huge influx of illegal aliens across the border makes it easy for terrorists to get into the United States. My guess is that this route hasn’t been used more heavily to launch an attack because the overthrow of the Taliban combined with much more vigorous investigation of terrorist groups by many countries around the globe have severely disrupted Al Qaeda and like minded groups. But the US should have more in depth defenses against terrorist penetration.

The people smugglers are becoming more sophisticated.

Moody’s agents are up against increasingly sophisticated smugglers. Even as the Border Patrol has gotten new high-tech equipment, so have the people they’re trying to catch. Smugglers use two-way radios, cell phones, global positioning systems and other high-tech equipment to watch agents’ movements and alert each other when the coast is clear.

"Ten years ago, they probably could not have bought a pair of infrared night-vision goggles on the open market, but now they can," says Robert Boatright, assistant chief of the Border Patrol in El Paso. "We see them changing tactics as we change tactics."