Al Durah: French judge finds against Karsenty

I don’t understand what happened here — so far there is just a brief note from Richard Landes:

I have heard from Paris that Philippe Karsenty was found liable for insulting Charles Enderlin and France2 to the sum of 3000 Euros to Enderlin and 5 symbolic Euros to France2. I do not have the judgment and only a vague account of the reasoning, which criticizes Philippe for not having done more research.

The implications of this reversal of Madame le Procureur’s clear recommendations, for what appears to be — we’ll have a translation and analysis of the judgment ASAP — a critique of Philippe that somehow absolves Enderlin of all of his journalistic failings, failings that came out abundantly in court, are deeply troubling.

If these trials are a test of the resilience of Republican culture in France in the face of a challenge to its very core values, then today’s decision is a great loss for the France most people who do love her, love.

At the end of the trial I speculated that the only possibility of a finding favorable to France2 was intervention from the top level of the French government. We don’t know that is what happened — we really don’t know anything useful at this point. Stay tuned…