Shell facilities disappear from Niger Delta

Did you know that the global guerrilla group MEND has taken 844,000 barrels a day out of production in Nigeria via pipeline infrastructure attacks?

Last year, Shell Oil abandoned facilities that produced 600,000 barrels a day of oil due relentless attacks by the global guerrilla facilitator MEND. Upon its return to these facilities this month, the company found much of its infrastructure missing…. MEND like its counter-parts in Iraq, are very adept at the disruption of corporate activity. So far, the returns on its investments (ROIs) have been stellar.

UPDATE: It was premature. MEND took down three major pipelines (2 ENI Agip and one Shell) in Nigeria on May 7th and has given ample warning that it will continue to ramp attacks. The current outage adds 150,000 more barrels a day from ENI and 100,000 from producers using Shell’s infrastructure. This means the new grand total is 844,000 barrels a day of lost production (that’s more than two times the daily output of Prudhoe bay). Given MEND’s goal of “making Nigeria ungovernable” the post election transition period is best time to ramp attacks both in terms of opportunity and effects.

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