France beginning to exhibit sanity under Sarkozy

This is encouraging — a Jerusalem Post bulletin on Iran’s nuclear weapons program:

French President Nicholas Sarkozy called Wednesday for sanctions on Iran to be tightened if the country does not adhere to the West’s demands to cease its nuclear agenda.

If Iran attains nuclear weapons, Sarkozy warned, a road to an arms race will be paved that could endanger Israel and southeast Europe, he said during an interview with a German magazine.

Sarkozy announced that France will join the official US-led struggle against head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei, who recommended that Iran be allowed to enrich uranium in some of its nuclear plants.

On Tuesday, American officials urged allies to back a formal protest against ElBaradei, saying his comments could hurt UN Security Council efforts to pressure Teheran over its enrichment program.

“We were indeed surprised by several comments from Mr. ElBaradei over the weekend,” said French Foreign Ministry spokesman Jean-Baptiste Mattei. “We share the gist of concerns expressed by our American partners – along with several other partners, for that matter.”

Over the past two weeks, ElBaradei has publicly said he believes it is too late to force Teheran to scrap its enrichment program as demanded by the Security Council, and argued instead for implementing inspection safeguards to prevent an expansion of the program.

Via Glenn Reynolds.