Is this why I don't remember history?

Sheryl Longin:

Having trouble remembering your history lessons from grammar school? PJM columnist Sheryl Longin is too and thinks she knows why. The wrong things are being taught. Kids are interested in the history of how things work, not stories about Indians. And they should be!

…Now, thinking about history, about what I remember and what I don’t, I have a different reaction. I wonder if we aren’t using a hopelessly irrelevant, archaic framework to teach a subject that is absolutely vital to our children if we care about the future of the modern world. How about basing primary school history education on the evolution of the material, of inventions, of progress? From the evolution of toilet paper will come a thousand other history lessons, touching on everything from economics to politics to religion. And those lessons will be remembered, because they will be answering questions that children (and adults) naturally have.

Imagine a new generation of young people with a working, practical knowledge of the history of progress… We’d better do more than imagine them, because we’re going to need them.