Sheikh Sattar murdered by al Qaeda

Bill Roggio reports very sad news — the young sheikh who started the Anbar Awakening was assassinated by AQI. This, Harry Reid they-are-doing-nothing, is the sacrifice that Iraqis make to oppose the jihadi takeover.

…Sattar’s murder is a serious blow to the Anbar Awakening and the fight against al Qaeda in Iraq beyond the borders of Anbar province. Sheikh Sattar has been instrumental in organizing tribal sheikhs and former Sunni insurgent groups such as the 1920s Revolution Brigades and the Mujahideen Army to band together and fight al Qaeda in Iraq.

Sattar and the Anbar Awakening spread its influence through tribal and insurgent connections into Salahadin, Baghdad, Diyala, and Babil provinces. Here in the Haswa region, US military officers and Iraqi sheikhs credit the Anbar Awakening with providing both the inspiration and material support to organize against al Qaeda in Iraq. US military officers described the spread of the resistance against al Qaeda in Iraq in southern Baghdad and northern Babil provinces as “arcing from Anbar in the west to the east.”

Sattar was seen as more than just a military leader. Although he was appointed the chief of counterterrorism in Anbar Province by the government of Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki, in the past a senior US military intelligence official told The Long War Journal that Sattar had political aspirations as well. Sattar was seen as a legitimate, pro-American alternative to the current crop of Sunni leaders in the Iraqi government.