Iran: Tehran police chief arrested in brothel with six prostitutes

The chief of Tehran’s police was arrested Monday when caught—literally—pants down in a brothel, in the company of six equally naked prostitutes (h/t: Gateway Pundit).

As the news report indicates, Reza Zarei was in charge of enforcing the Islamic Republic’s harsh public modesty laws. In this capacity he supervised the police crackdown on lax public morals, issued warnings to tens of thousands of women for their immodest dress, and forced thousands to take “guidance classes” on how to dress and behave in public. Clearly, the moral fiber needed to implement such a task requires that a man lives up to certain standards—which exclude, I imagine, engaging in paid-for group sex. So, is this a classic case of private vices hidden by public virtue? Maybe. Or maybe was he carrying out, deep undercover, a sting operation . . .

2 thoughts on “Iran: Tehran police chief arrested in brothel with six prostitutes

  1. What has this story got to do with Jews? Better yet, what have Jews to do with this story?

  2. Good question, thanks. In the comments to the Commentary piece, Richard F. wrote

    The next day’s headline in the Tehran newspapers: “Jews Infiltrate Local Police.”

    which struck me as wry humor. Out of context that may be offensive to some. I shall retitle the post.

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