It's easy to get a US passport with fake documents

Despite efforts to boost passport security since the 2001 terror attacks, the investigator fooled passport and postal service employees four out of four times, according to a new report made public Friday.

The report by the Government Accountability Office, Congress’ investigative arm, details the ruses:

-One investigator used the Social Security number of a man who died in 1965, a fake New York birth certificate and a fake Florida driver’s license. He received a passport four days later.

-A second attempt had the investigator using a 5-year-old boy’s information but identifying himself as 53 years old on the passport application. He received that passport seven days later.

-In another test, an investigator used fake documents to get a genuine Washington, D.C., identification card, which he then used to apply for a passport. He received it the same day.

-A fourth investigator used a fake New York birth certificate and a fake West Virginia driver’s license and got the passport eight days later.

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2 thoughts on “It's easy to get a US passport with fake documents

  1. So much for the investigation and results of the post 911 tragedy. We certainly do not seem to be following one of the points made in the investigation – scrutiny of documents to obtain a passport. We are our own worst enemy it seems. How soon we forget the lessons which should have been well learned. If we take a apathetic attitude towards this then we probably get what we deserve. This begs the question “How many other holes are there for questionable indivduals to obtain government documents to enable these individuals access to many types of government sevices”. The ineptness of some (I’m being kind by saying only some) people and programs is off the charts.

  2. And we should have severe strong laws against Identity Theft, my wife was a victim and the criminal got only minor sentence

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