Plan 'B' – For when it becomes obvious windmills aren't working

A retired professional engineer has taken on the mission of educating voters about a plan that will actually work to achieve a low carbon future. The site is, which is a wonderful resource hub for those who want to learn about the costs and benefits of replacing dirty coal plants with clean nuclear power.

The 4th generation fast breeder reactor designs both provide the required high temperature, are passively safe and can be fueled essentially forever from existing “nuclear waste”. Suitable reactor designs are the IFR killed by Clinton in 1994, the GE-Hitachi PRISM, the Russian BN-600, BN-800, etc. The proprietor of prefers the Russian reactors simply because they have a longer operating history.

The proposal is conceptually straightforward – keep everything of the old dirty coal plant except the coal-fired boiler. Replace the boiler with a high temperature nuclear reactor.