Air Capture in the Royal Society Geoengineering Report

Roger Pielke comments:

The UK Royal Society committee on geoengineering has put out a report (PDF) that reads, well, like it was put together by a committee. But it does say some very interesting things about air capture:

Air capture is an industrial process that captures CO2 from ambient air producing a pure CO2 stream for use or disposal. There is no doubt that air capture technologies could be developed . . .


So then why hasn’t air capture occupied a more central role in climate policy discussions? The Royal Society report suggests an answer to this as well:

Already, the politics of geoengineering are complex and contested, and the positions taken by scientists and other analysts may interweave policy preferences with technical judgements. . . Differences in professional and personal values may therefore play a significant role in the evaluation of geoengineering options relative to conventional mitigation and adaptation. The very discussion of geoengineering is controversial in some quarters because of a concern that it may weaken conventional mitigation efforts, or be seen as a ‘get out of jail free’ card by policy makers . . .