Better Place opens EV center in Israel

Zowwee Batman, Shai Agassi’s EV infrastructure company is spreading their marketing wings with this PR palace opening. I wish we were in Israel to check it out.

Meanwhile in America, the Nissan Leaf 5-passenger EV coming out in 2010 is getting a boost from a five state EV charging facility initiative. Check out the EV Project.

Question: does EV Project compete with Better Place? It sure looks to me that they do, so is this another case of BIG GOVT picks a winner and hurts the free-market competition.

2 thoughts on “Better Place opens EV center in Israel

  1. I’m not so certain that the EV Project is necessarily competing with Better Place.

    Since Nissan-Renault produce the Better Place cars and Nissan makes the Leaf, there’s already some crossover. Plus, who’s to say that one EV charging facility can’t pull double-duty and service Better Place as well?

    It’s all good. (Oh, and… Go Shai!!)

  2. Canolli,

    I fervently hope that you are correct. If they have agreed to use common charging connectors then they can cooperate. If not…

    One positive is that both Nissan and Nissan-Renault presumably use the same battery-swap configuration. That is another sticky wicket.

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