Energy From Thorium A Nuclear Waste Burning Liquid Salt Thorium Reactor

Your lifetime energy supply of Thorium

Kirk Sorensen did a terrific LFTR presentation for Google Tech Talks last July. We just caught up last night to see the 82 minute video. The event was very well-attended, and the audience of Google managers and engineers was highly informed — so the audience questions were more like a grad-school seminar than the typical public forum on nuclear power.

Keep in mind that Kirk is an aerospace engineer and nuclear NASA chemical engineer and is doing all this educational outreach on his own dime. Do check out — might as well start with Kirk’s plan “to Power the World with Thorium”.

I think Kirk is ready to do a full-on TED Talk. He shows a lot of polish at Google — but it will take a huge effort to crunch the story down to 18 minutes of totally compelling talk.

E.g., Gordon McDowell has compressed 197 minutes of Google Tech Talks on nuclear energy to 16 minutes of video and even more tightly in LFTR in 10 Minutes. But the video cuts have no production quality and don’t make sense unless you already know the subject.

2 thoughts on “Energy From Thorium A Nuclear Waste Burning Liquid Salt Thorium Reactor

  1. Hey Steve, thanks for the kind words. I’m no longer with NASA anymore but am now chief nuclear technologist for Teledyne Brown Engineering. And although I wish I knew a whole lot more about chemical engineering, I’m not a chemical engineer. I’m an aerospace engineer and a nuclear engineer. As far as TED goes, I have no idea how to crack into that conference but I would be more than happy to do it if anyone could give me some pointers!

  2. Hey, Kirk.

    On the Skepticality Magazine podcast a couple of weeks ago, Manga Artist Sara Mayhew talked about how she got to become a TED fellow (and give her own talk) via, on a whim, simply applying via their website.

    It seems to be a two year turnaround or so, but I’d say hit it up; TED gets information out to a LOT of educated and influential folks.

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