A Guest Post: No Fluid Dynamicist Kings in Flight-Test

Captain Joshua Stults, an aeronautical engineer with the US Air Force, contributed a fascinating guest post to Roger Pielke Jr’s blog — offering some very useful clarification of the Honest Broker concepts.

(…) The value we brought (as we saw it), was that we were separate from the direct program office chain of command (so we weren’t advocates for their position), but we understood the technical details of the particular system, and we also understood the differing values of the folks in the Pentagon (which the folks in the program office loved to refuse to acknowledge as legitimate, sound familiar?). That position turns out to be a tough sell (program managers get offended if you seem to imply they are dishonest), so I can empathize with the virulent reaction Dr Pielke gets on applying the Honest Broker concepts to climate policy decision support. People love to take offense over their honor. That’s a difficult snare to avoid while you try to make clear that, while there’s nothing dishonest about advocacy, there remains significant value in honest brokering. Maybe Honest Broker wouldn’t be the best title to assume though. The first reaction out of a tight-fisted program manager would likely be “I’m honest, why do I need you?”