Google takes the FTC to school

Jeff Jarvis is my go-to guy for accurate wisdom on the plight of the old print media (e.g., NYT, FT). Recently, Jeff wrote a smart commentary on Google’s very smart response to the silliness going on at the FTC, where the old media barons are trying to get the FTC to restore their now-dead business model via regulation.

Jeff’s commentary is good enough that you may not feel the need to read the full text of Google’s response.

This says it best:

The large profit margins newspapers enjoyed in the past were built on an artificial scarcity: Limited choice for advertisers as well as readers. With the Internet, that scarcity has been taken away and replaced by abundance. No policy proposal will be able to restore newspaper revenues to what they were before the emergence of online news. It is not a question of analog dollars versus digital dimes, but rather a realistic assessment of how to make money in a world of abundant competitors and consumer choice.