Ridiculous Uranium Scare in Moldova Gets Internatonal Attention

Massive uranium scare

Fortunately science-based observer Steve Packard is alert to idiot-based scare-mongering:

This is the kind of ignorance-based story that drives me nuts: 3 arrested in Moldova in uranium smuggling plot…

(…) I believe the uranium is most likely of the depleted variety. This photo was published in several news outlets and reports to show the uranium in question. It appears to be some kind of counter-weight or possibly a plug from a shielded cask – both of these being common uses of depleted uranium. The source of the uranium is unknown, but it may have been scavenged from a junked aircraft or from a scrap metal yard.

So is this dangerous? Absolutely, unequivocally and unquestionably NO. It’s not dangerous – at least no more so than a chunk of lead of equal size. You could possibly drop it on someone’s head, but that’s about the worst you could do with this uranium.

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