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Astronomer Phil Plait hosts a new Discovery Channel science program, Bad Universe. Phil is a longtime, hard-working skeptic and proprietor of one of the godfather skeptic blogs Bad Astronomy. Which was selected by Time as one of the 25 Best Blogs 2009.

baduniverse_bikinigaugeTonight is the premiere of “Bad Universe”! If you’re looking for a reason to watch it, reviews are starting to come in from press folks who got advance copies. So far they’re pretty positive!

– Discovery Channel’s own Space News blog:

Bad Universe: Asteroid Apocalypse is definitely worth the watch, there’s great depth behind the science, plus a really nice Mythbusters-esque feel to the high energy experiments carried out to test Phil’s theories.

Ian O’Neill, who wrote that article, interviewed me for it as well. There are also a few clips from the show online on Discovery’s site, too.

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The show does a great job of incorporating a learning factor without making it seem lecturing to the viewer. Honestly, you don’t have to be a SCIENCE! geek to watch this show, heck sit your kids (and/or unlearned significant other) down with you and enjoy. It was entertaining, informative, and the experiments were downright cool. Phil has an excitement in his voice that when he is explaining about a topic you can’t help but listen and absorb the knowledge.


Read more » and tell us what you think. We live in a TV-free zone, so can’t watch the new program ourselves.

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