AREVA EPR update

Barry Brook posted a comment with some interesting tidbits on EPR progress. I didn’t know about the Saudi deal.

AREVA were behind for a long while in the marketing of their EPR, but recently had a win by signing on the Saudis to an in-principle agreement to start building some EPRs to replace their natural gas power/desal plants. As you say quokka, this could be a big boost for getting their Gen III+ design, and others, moved up the priority list (as opposed to life extensions for Gen II Mk1 plants). China is also building 2 x EPR right now, so the result of that (build time, cost etc.) will certainly be something to watch. Yes, the EPR is expensive in terms of capex, but it also generates a LARGE amount of electricity (1.6 GWe), so the LCOE actually looks pretty good, especially for the nth-of-a-kind plant (remembering that Olkiluoto 3 was EPR unit #1). It’s all about how financing is worked out.

2 thoughts on “AREVA EPR update

  1. Thanks Barry. It warms my entrepreneurial heart to see the competition for new nuclear capacity (Canada, S Korea, France, Japan, Russia). Soon China, India, …

    It’s a shame that Australia is not in the game – surely Australia could excel in parts of the nuclear supply chain. Australia really needs to move up the value-added curve.

    For the EPR you wrote “the LCOE actually looks pretty good”. Have you a URL easily at hand for the LCOE?

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