Saudi Arabia plans to build 16 nuclear power reactors by 2030

201106031056.jpg Instead of leaders being herded by popular emotions, the Saudis can make decisions based on logic:

The Kingdom and its Gulf neighbors regard nuclear power as a way to meet rising electricity demand while reducing reliance on polluting fossil fuels, a Saudi-based newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Abdul Ghani bin Melaibari, coordinator of scientific collaboration at King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy announced a plan for Saudi Arabia’s reactors. “After 10 years we will have the first two reactors,” Mr. Melaibari told Arab News. “After that, every year we will establish two, until we have 16 by 2030.”

Saudi is striving to keep up with rapidly rising power demand and nuclear reactors will allow the Kingdom to boost its domestic energy capacity usage. The country plans to cover 20 percent of its electricity needs using nuclear energy, Mr. Melaibari added.

(…) Many nations have taken a step back from nuclear plans following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan. But oil-rich Gulf States are pursuing their plans with major investments in nuclear power.