Prey: Find out who’s got your missing computer, for free

A good solution to the stolen laptop problem from Dwight Silverman:

When my son’s apartment was burglarized in March and his MacBook Pro stolen, I immediately wished it had some kind of tracking program installed on it. In fact, none of my family’s notebooks have such software. Yeah, everyone’s iPhones have Find My iPhone enabled, but we’ve not done anything to protect our laptops.

stolennotebookWith the burglary serving as a wake-up call, I went in search of a program that could help recover a stolen computer. There are several out there, but I settled on a free, open-source product called Prey. It works on Windows and Macintosh computers, and there’s also a version available for Android phones. (An iPhone version is in the works.)

Prey is a small, hidden program that installs on the device you want to protect. It runs in the background, and there’s no icon or obvious process that alerts a user to its presence. You sign up for a free account on the Prey website, and you can also register a mobile phone number. The free account allows you protect up to three devices.

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