Aggressive Social Engineering Against Consumers

When there is so much money to be harvested, expect the mafia to put more and more effort into penetrating your computer. As I write, the spectrum of threats is mainly social engineering – tricking people to let the criminal in to their “house”.

Cyber criminals are getting aggressive with their social engineering tactics.

Val Christopherson said she received a telephone call last Tuesday from a man stating he was with an online security company who was receiving error messages from the computer at her Charleswood home.

“He said he wanted to fix my problem over the phone,” Christopherson said.

She said she was then convinced to go online to a remote access and support website called and allow him to connect her computer to his company’s system.

“That was my big mistake,” Christopherson said.

She said the scammers then tried to sell her anti-virus software they would install.

At that point, the 61-year-old Anglican minister became suspicious and eventually broke off the call before unplugging her computer.

Christopherson said she then had to hang up on the same scam artist again, after he quickly called back claiming to be the previous caller’s manager.

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There are many examples of the creativity of the cyber criminals. One is that some branch of the crime enterprise is making it free to get in the cybercrime business – via a free download of the Blackhole exploit kit. The strategy is to enlist thousands more script kiddies, some of whom may succeed. These are like conscripts to their army, i.e., to their cybercrime ecosystem.

1 thought on “Aggressive Social Engineering Against Consumers

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I had no idea. I wonder why people are so trusting of people on the phone? I must admit that in the past as a teenager I once believed a person on the phone. I think honest people are more trusting of others.

    Do you have a good general “rule of thumb” for the general public when they are targeted like this? Don’t allow anyone to connect 3rd party software to your computer for instance?

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