Google+: So Far, So Good

Two fairly favorable mini-reviews on Google+, by James Fallows {excerpt reflecting that James’ love for Facebook is similar to ours}

google-plus.png…The other immediate appeal is that the privacy bias seems set in your favor, rather than constantly playing hide-the-ball with you, as Facebook does. The reason I hate and mistrust Facebook is its constant record of changing the privacy terms, not saying it’s done so until it’s caught, and always setting the default in the least private and most advertiser-exploitable way.

and James linked to Dan Gilmour {excerpt}

What Google has understood, and put (with some glitches) into practice, is what Facebook has resisted. First, privacy has been baked into the service, not added as an afterthought. The privacy settings still need work, but it’s clear that Google has learned from the mistakes it has made and the ongoing privacy insults that Facebook showers on its users.

Google likes to “release early and often” then closely observe how users interact, then iterate with incremental improvements. I’ve registered for an invite.