China: nuclear development challenges

Bo Kong of Johns Hopkins SAIS gave a presentation at Brookings September 2010. Dr. Kong’s slides are a useful resource on the status and plans for civil nuclear power in China. The slides are available here.

Included in the presentation are statistics indicative of China’s shortfall in nuclear staffing. For reference, US, France, Japan average regulatory staffing of about 36 persons per GW, and regulatory budgets of USD 11 million/GW. Dr. Kong doesn’t give the corresponding current numbers for China, but does provide estimates of required staffing levels. By implication, China is far behind on both human and budget resources:

China nuclear staffing needs

In addition to the above resource gaps, Dr. Kong emphasized these regulatory challenges (excerpted):

“Fragmentation of governance, Lack of regulatory independence, No Atomic Energy Law…”

See also this earlier post on possible nuclear cooperation. How can OECD nuclear nations assist China, India and Brazil to accelerate their fossil fuel to nuclear transformations?