A nuclear solution ticks all our boxes

Please do not miss George Monbiot’s latest essay — this is seriously good. George offers a very straightforward and easy to understand explanation of the benefits of fourth generation IFR nuclear power:

It is a devastating admission to have to make, especially during the climate talks in Durban. This year, the environmental movement to which I belong has done more harm to the planet’s living systems than climate change deniers have ever achieved.

As a result of shutting down its nuclear programme in response to green demands, Germany will produce an extra 300 million tonnes of carbon dioxide between now and 2020. That is almost as much as all the European savings resulting from the energy efficiency directive.

Other countries are heading the same way. These decisions are the result of an almost mediaeval misrepresentation of science and technology. For while the greens are right about most things, our views on nuclear power have been shaped by weapons-grade woo.


I do not know how to evaluate the impact of this essay, given Monbiot’s green credentials — it should be very positive.

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  1. Instead of using the IFR, I suggest developing the liquid fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) to get it ready for production. The technology is simpler and safer. For more information, check the following link:


    I also suggest purchasing the DVD listed in the link.

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