Energy policy: Near Zero

For those of us who need energy policy teaching aids, there is a very useful new resource Organized by the Carnegie Institution’s Ken Caldeira, climate scientist and co-founder of FICER (Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research). As a communications effort Near Zero has invited five domain experts to each do five short video talks – most are under five minutes. I particularly recommend Stanford’s Burton Richter on energy policy and nuclear energy, and Stanford’s Sally Benson on CCS (Carbon Capture and Sequestration). From the Introduction to Near Zero:

Near Zero is a nonprofit that aims to increase the frequency and value of dialogue among energy experts and to make this expertise more accessible to those who make and influence energy-related decisions in government, business, and NGOs. Decision makers lack credible, impartial and timely sources of information reflecting the range of expert opinion. What do the best experts agree on? When they disagree, what is the source and extent of the disagreement? Working with decision makers and influentials to identify critical energy issues, Near Zero will initiate, moderate and synthesize transparent online discussions among the foremost experts from industry and academia. The result will be a rich, digital cache of actionable information to guide policy and investment decisions.