Why We Should Act to Stop Global Warming—and Why We Won’t

We liked Megan McArdle’s recent essay Why We Should Act to Stop Global Warming—and Why We Won’t. It is a smart article by a writer who is not an energy policy wonk, explaining concisely why so few people can make the personal investment to learn and understand the climate and energy policy tradeoffs.

If you can invest only an hour and like your education in movie format, then check out this post on Energy policy: Near Zero.

If you can invest three hours in some very efficient reading check out this post on Stanford University nuclear physicist and Nobel laureate Burton Richter’s 2010 book: Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Climate Change and Energy in the 21st Century.

Back to Megan – why does she support action on climate? Her central reason is the same as ours:

(…) Well, because we’ve only go the one climate. I don’t like running large one-way experiments on vital systems we don’t know how to fix. The risk of a catastrophic outcome may be small, but it would be pretty darn terrible to find out that hey, we hit the jackpot!