Computer History Day

Bob Cringely is giving his three kids a priceless gift. Not only a day at the Computer History Museum, but meetings with Woz, Engelbart and Hertzfeld. We are very envious. Get over to Bob’s blog to read the answers to his challenge: “what should we ask these pioneers of the computer age?”.

This week my kids are off school for Spring Break. Daytona and Cabo are out of the question for three caballeros ages 10, 7, and 5, but day trips around the Bay Area to learn about this or that are easy. Tuesday it’s San Francisco to learn all about the cable car system for Channing’s report on that topic. And Wednesday will be Computer History Day for the Cringelys.

It’s a no brainer for us to visit the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. That fabulous facility happens to be run by John Hollar, the guy who hired me in 1997 to write for My kids have never been there. But to make a full day of it we’ll include more than just the museum, we’ll be visiting with some actual computer history pioneers.

We’ll start the day Wednesday having breakfast with Woz — Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Then it’s on to the museum. After lunch we’ll go to Atherton to visit Doug Engelbart, best known as inventor of the mouse but of course he actually invented so much more. And we’ll end the day in Palo Alto with original Mac OS author Andy Hertzfeld, who now works at Google.

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Examples of some of the excellent comment offerings:

1. Paul Allen proposed “if they could go back to the beginning and divert computer development into a different direction, what direction would they have pushed it in?”

2. Tim Gadsden proposed “Do you think today’s K-12 education model is broken, and if so, what can be done?”

You can contribute your questions here.