Another inconvenient truth for Take the Flour Back. GM saved the Hawaiian papaya industry from disease

David Tribe demonstrates how these vandals and their Green Party allies have no understanding of any of the relevant science. And like the anti-nuclear activists they are happy to continuously repeat falsehoods. Shameful.

British Green politician Jenny Jones has announced that she is going to join the Take the Flour Back protest group who are threatening to vandalise a legal trial of aphid protected GM wheat that’s now underway in Britain.

In her statement about this, besides announcing she joining a vandalism threat that’s euphemistically termed a “decontamination”, she makes a claim in justification that is simply false, and that false claim is that no successful disease resistant crops have been developed by genetic engineering methods.

She is misinformed about this.

More than one virus resistant crop has been commercialised, but the most famous example is papaya that resistant to papaya ring spot virus. These crops have been in the ground in Hawaii since the mid 90s and continue to be sold. Just recently they were approved for export to Japan. Sadly, because of the activities of political Greens and antitechnology activists the diffusion of this technology to South Asia where it could improve food security has been dramatically impeded. We can thank misinformed and wrong-headed people like Jenny Jones for that.

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1 thought on “Another inconvenient truth for Take the Flour Back. GM saved the Hawaiian papaya industry from disease

  1. My knowledge of GM crops is very limited. However, it would seem that GM has been successful in some cases, but I would not totally rule out the possibility that it could cause problems. Conceivably it could cause some people to have an allergic reaction to some crops.

    It could be very helpful if a variety of corn could be developed that would fix its own nitrogen to eliminate the need for nitrogen fertilizer.

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