Facebook is becoming less relevant to active Internet communicators

We know that Facebook is loosing participation of the younger cohort that has been the backbone of FB growth. That doesn’t look at all good for Facebook’s future. Our own purely anecdotal evidence is that increasing numbers of researchers are shifting their efforts away from their RSS blogs towards Twitter feeds that reference the same new papers with much lower overhead.

Excerpts from Kevin Kelleher’s article “Facebook’s Growing Silent-Majority Problem”:

(…) In August, according to comScore, the time people spent on Facebook’s website dropped 12 percent from a year earlier. By contrast, time spent on Google grew 11 percent in the same period.

(…) That’s borne out by the data showing that Facebook users between 12 and 17 spent 42 percent less time on its website last month, and those between 18 and 24 spent 25 percent less time.

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