3 thoughts on “What if I took a swim in a typical spent nuclear fuel pool?

  1. Speedo makes trunks too. The Speedo Rally Volley, while longer than I prefer (why are shorts today so darned long?) is a nice pair of men’s swim trunks with two front mesh pockets, and a rear zippered pocket. They make good walk around shorts too. The exact same style used to be called the Speedo Roofer, but it was an inch shorter, which I liked better.

    Oh, yeah, and the XKCD article is fun too, but any devoted reader would expect that. He also has a couple of nice comics about relative sources of radiation exposure and comparative energy density of various fuels, including uranium.

  2. Jeff, what brought this up is that on another board, about when Fukushima happened, somebody stated that they thought that the head of GE should be thrown into the spent fuel pool giving so much trouble there.

    I asked him: Are you sure you want to see Jack Welch in a red Speedo?

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