Switzerland Creates Secure Test Site for GM Crops

…Swiss researchers running recent GM trials spent 78% of their research funds on security. 

That is shocking – almost 80% of scarce Swiss research funds are wasted to prevent criminals such as Greenpeace from destroying research that benefits everyone – research which especially benefiits the Bottom Billion. Well, the Swiss government is going implement a more efficient centralized security scheme at the Reckenholz research station near Zurich. The goal is remove the drain of security expenditures from research grants – distributing the cost to all taxpayers. Sadly it won’t eliminate the need for the security in the first place.  

(…) GM crops are controversial in Europe, and European law requires scientists to notify the public about the precise locations of the fields where they are running experiments. This has led to protests and sometimes vandalism at more than 100 European trials since 2010. One result is that the number of GM field experiments conducted in the European Union dropped from about 250 per year in the late 1990s to fewer than 50 in 2011, the researchers report. In Switzerland, researchers have submitted just six applications for field experiments with GM plants since the late 1990s; authorities rejected two in 1999 because “the social and environmental impacts compared to any possible economic benefits were clearly too high.”

In a bid to make such experiments easier, the Swiss Federal Council approved spending €600,000 annually from 2014 to 2017 to create a protected field site of approximately three hectares at the Reckenholz research station, 10 kilometers north of Zurich. Researchers will initially use it to test GM wheat with resistance to powdery mildew, a fungal disease, but they could ultimately plant other crops such as potatoes. 

Every attack by the masked vandals is a crime against humanity. I wonder if criminal prosecution of Greenpeace in all of the OECD would stop this nonsense? Possibly not – as Greenpeace is so successful with fund-raising based upon blocking evil GMO and evil nuclear power.