Rod Adams peels apart Arnie Gundersen’s misleading résumé

In “Was Arnie Gundersen a Licensed Reactor Operator and Senior VP Nuclear Licensee?” Rod does some of the hard work required to uncover some of anti-nuclear activist Arnie Gundersen’s highly misleading résumé inflation. These are two examples from the résumé:

1. “RO Licensed Reactor Operator, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission License # OP-3014″

2. “Former Senior Vice President Nuclear Licensee”

For those of us accustomed to reviewing lots of résumés those kind of declarations are big red flags. If the history is  both factual and meaningful, where the hell are the particulars? When, were, for whom, what was accomplished? I’ve done some of my own homework trying to discover what real-world experience Gundersen really has – it is extremely difficult. I found that #2 was narrowly true, but couldn’t find any evidence that Gundersen actually accomplished anything. In the end I gave up. Rod didn’t give up.

If anyone has found solid evidence of Gundersen gaining any real-world nuclear operations experience, please comment. Meanwhile, read Atomic Insights.