Peter Sandman on Hostile Meetings: listening → validating → responding → rebutting

One of my favorites amongst Sandman’s advice on outrage management is his page on hostile meetings. If you are the public face of a say the local landfill this is for you.

But for all of us, there is valuable counsel here on how to deal with people who are hostile to an idea that you think is important. I will summarize with Peter’s heading “Memorize this hierarchy: listening → validating → responding → rebutting”.

Another way: let them vent until they are out of steam. Empathize. Respond.

2 thoughts on “Peter Sandman on Hostile Meetings: listening → validating → responding → rebutting

  1. Sandman does have some generally good advice and useful frames, but I think this is cloud cuckoo stuff for talking to entrenched campaigners. They will not stand still to let you do this but move on to their next talking point. It’s all very nice in the debating club, but in the real world a tougher approach is needed.

  2. Absolutely agreed. Our focus should be the quintile that are hostile but close to the middle. Armory Lovins is not moveable, besides he profits from his cant.

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