A commercial scale British CCS Plant & CO2 pipeline?


According to this government press release Britain may be the first to build a commercial scale CCS plant, 426 MWe coal fired power station with 90% CO2 capture: 

(…snip…) Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey opened the Drax coal-to-biomass conversion plant, and announced the Government was awarding funding to further the White Rose CCS project, also based at the site.

At Drax, the £700 million planned conversion project will burn wood pellets rather than coal. Drax calculates that this will reduce carbon emissions by 80 per cent compared to coal. …


The multi-million pound FEED study funding will support the White Rose project, which is designing a c.£2 billion state-of-the-art coal power plant with full CCS (…snip…) It also includes the planned development of a CO2 transport and storage network – the Yorkshire Humber CCS Trunkline – which would have capacity for additional CCS projects in the area.


From the developer website:

Located on land adjacent to the existing Drax Power Station, near Selby in North Yorkshire, the proposed 426MW (gross) CCS power plant will burn coal with the added ability to co-fire sustainable biomass… 90% of all the CO2 produced by the plant will be captured and transported by pipeline for permanent storage deep beneath the North Sea seabed.

The contract was awarded in September, but the planning process has to go through the Secretary of State to assess “nationally significant infrastructure”. I cannot find any estimates of cost or completion.

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