Uber Might Be More Valuable Than Facebook Someday. Here’s Why

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This is pure speculation – but it is an exciting spec. Not all of this will happen, but possibly other big opportunities will emerge. This is just a sample:

So, step one: Take over taxi industry. Step two: Kill ownership. From there, who knows what could happen in the long term? Uber could start using self-driving cars made by Google (one of its investors) to eliminate the need for human drivers, driving down its costs even more. It could introduce a near-instantaneous delivery service to rival Amazon’s drones. It could roll out a subscription service, akin to Amazon Prime, that would include perks like predictive transportation, so that, for example, when Uber sees an appointment on your Google calendar for a cross-town meeting, it sends a car to your office automatically at the right time. There’s no reason that other companies couldn’t try to do these things, too. But Uber has first-mover advantage, and it’s got most of the kinks – customer interface, payment, fleet management, supply-and-demand considerations – worked out already, making it a prime candidate to beat competitors to new product areas.

The result of Uber’s efforts, in other words, could be the creation of a techno-metropolis, in which people and goods are ferreted around seamlessly and, perhaps, automatically. It would be like something out of a sci-fi movie. And Uber would be standing at the center of it all, collecting a cut of every transaction.


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  1. Long long ago on my Mac there was a a very good live-action RPG named “Buried In Time” (would stand up well today!) where in the future you charged and purchased items via a household “replicator”, anything from Cheese-Whiz to stereos. It was like a descendent of today’s “3-D Printing” (there ought be a contest for a way better moniker!) on steroids, but the concept is sound and would leapfrog “Uber” by light-years, including putting a majority of stores and freight transport by vehicles in the doghouse.

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