We Need The Scientific Juice To Save The Nation’s Citrus Industry

Much of New Age airy-fairy ideation about food invokes buzzwords such as “natural” and “organic.” Seductive as those concepts may be (to some), it is clear that preserving the future of a staple of the American breakfast table will require reliance on the best technologies available. There is no “natural” or “organic” solution to preserving commercial citrus production in the face of citrus greening, any more than there are effective “natural” solutions to treating cancer or multiple sclerosis.

In the long term, genetic engineering will rescue America’s citrus industry, but in the meantime, we will need neonicotinoid pesticides. To those naïfs who would ban them and condemn our citrus industry to extinction, I have a piece of advice: Go suck a lemon.

Don't miss this careful, nuanced analysis of the global citrus industry by Henry I. Miller. The activists have the capability to kill the growers. You can help by educating your friends and relations.